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Work Cohesion

COWEC YCAKI encourages employees to be innovative. Here, every employee can express their creativity and ideas. We allow employees to make mistakes and hope that employees can continuously improve themselves by summing up lessons and experience.


Work Atmosphere

COWEC YCAKI strives to create a relaxed, fashionable and open working environment and a friendly working atmosphere for employees. Employees can speak freely And continues the consistent simple and low-key style of cowecycaki


Staff training

COWEC YCAKI focuses on employee training and personal development. We have a perfect training system to help everyone deeply understand the group's corporate culture, grasp the latest trends and understand cowec ycaki products . At the same time, we make plans to help them develop their career better .

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The continuous addition of excellent talents is the key factor for COWEC YCAKI to stay at the forefront of the industry.  Cowec ycaki is eager to grow together with talents who are keen on fashion, brave in innovation and have unique opinions.


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